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Barry Grinham got me into running in 2005. I’d needed some motivation and discipline to exercise regularly and Barry provided both. I knew he would, as I’d seen him motivating my kids in the elements of gym at his brilliant Energizers classes for toddlers and pre-schoolers at Oxford Brookes. I remember the first time he got me to run round University Parks with him. One circuit of the park and I was completely out of breath. A few years of Barry’s training regime later I completed the Town and G…
Prof PdGUniversity of Copenhagen


Welcome to Prime Energy

Prime Energy is now in its fourth decade of health related fitness. Established in 1986 it quickly became a leader in personal training and fitness classes in Oxford and Oxfordshire.

The company offers a range of sports and fitness services from personal training, various classes, Birthday parties, events and retreats and, of course, the very successful Camp Energy activity camps. We are therefore laying down a foundation of fitness for the individual, group and company. The company will strive to give a healthier life style from adolescent to adults.

“Fitness is the basis for all other forms of excellence.” JFK

Business Driver of the Year

Business Driver of the Year