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Having known many exercise/sports coaches, I am impressed by the way Barry changes his coaching style to suit the people in the class. For example, women generally respond well to lots of positive encouragement. I think it’s because the early socialization of girls often leaves them feeling less confident of themselves and their abilities than boys, so more encouragement is needed. I’ve known male sports coaches trying to use the same techniques as they would for men (teasing, provoking, …

Birthday Parties


Party camp 2


We offer fun filled parties for ages 4-14, providing action packed games on what ever sport or theme you require. We provide all the equipment, staff and 75 minutes of entertainment, stopping only for short juice breaks. The parents can relax and let us do all the hard work. Our staff will also remain on site for a further 45 minutes to help supervise for the remainder of the party if you require.


These are some of the different sports and themes which we can suggest:

Multi sports                                         Dinosaurs

Football                                                 Superheroes

Tennis                                                    Pirates

Hockey                                                  Princesses

Rugby                                                     Monsters

Cricket                                                   Witches and Wizards

Mini Olympics


Games such as:

Lions & Tigers                                     Raid the Nest

Colour Cones                                       Bonus Ball

Cone Extraction                                 Germ Ball

Dishes & Domes                                  Catch a Thief

Relays                                                     Octopus Tag

Parachute – cat & mouse, sharks & lifeguards, washing machine.

American egg toss. Inc parents

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