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Thank you for the 11 sessions I have had with you over several months. The one-on-one pace, the gentle challenge to do most amazingly simple things that I did not think I could do, and the suggestion to sort out my head, as the body was stronger than I imagined was invaluable. I will be back for more, as there is no alternative to a healthy and generally flexible and fit body.

Eat Your Greens!

As we head into May it would be nice if the weather warmed up and encouraged us all to start eating more salad – but if the chilly evenings make you want to eat comfort food, make sure you add some leafy greens to your plate to get a boost of nutrients and goodness. Veg [...]

Book your Place for Ski 2017

Have you booked your place on our SKI 2017 trip yet? If you haven’t get in touch with me right now … because I have booked an amazing deal! We return to Val d’Isere and Chalet Tolima (as featured in the Sunday Telegraph!) on January 21st 2017. And as well as the fantastic chalet that [...]

Well done to everyone who completed the 31st London Marathon on Sunday. Between you, you raised over £50k for charity! Sterling effort – well done, guys and gals. As you’ll know, I was involved in helping them train and prepare, and I offered loads of advice to help them get through that infamous brick wall [...]

After 33 years I’ve stopped teaching at Gosford because of a massive price hike in the hall rental costs. The last thing I wanted to do was pass on that extra cost to you guys by increasing fees and giving you nothing extra in return. I’m still struggling with settling up as they can’t even [...]

Fitness Gizmos and Gadgets

Have you bought into the fitness tracker craze? You know, those Fitbits and Jawbones and all the other gadgets and gizmos out there that claim to help you get fit? Fitness trackers are not perfect. They tend to think people sleep more and walk less than they really do. Fitbit’s new PurePulse heart rate monitoring technology is [...]

Children in Need

Thanks to everyone who came along to our special Children in Need fundraising workout last month. We’ve received £440 in donations at class and from sales at Molly’s Cake Bake. Thank you to everyone who donated …. And for those that didn’t …why not? It’s for kids, after all!      

Camp Energy at Easter

Camp Energy is back for the Easter hols at FOUR locations! As well as our famous Oxford (Summer Fields) and Chipping Norton (Kingham Hill) sites, we are also running camps in Rugby and Cirencester! Our brand new Warwickshire camp is at the beautiful Rugby School and we are also delighted to be taking over part [...]

SKI 2017 

We’ve got a new date for our SKI 2017 trip – it will now be January 21st-28th. We’ll also be enjoying a later flight from Birmingham Airport, rather than enduring the matchstick-eyes of an early morning at Gatwick – and it’s so much easier to get to Birmingham than Gatwick anyway! Deposits will be taken [...]

Spring into Fitness this month!

Last Tuesday was officially the first day of spring, according to the Met Office, and hopefully everything is going well for all those in marathon training. We are pleased to see that the Prime Energy Fitness classes are also very busy. Must be a sign that our members are getting results and enjoying the formats. [...]

Socialising – the Prime Energy Way!

Prime Energy Fitness isn’t all about hard work – we have a lot of fun too! Congratulations to our “hard core” members who turned out on Christmas Day for our annual “Big Day” workout … traditionally followed by a glass of Champagne, of course. Well done, team! And our “Little Black Dress” ladies had a [...]