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Having known many exercise/sports coaches, I am impressed by the way Barry changes his coaching style to suit the people in the class. For example, women generally respond well to lots of positive encouragement. I think it’s because the early socialization of girls often leaves them feeling less confident of themselves and their abilities than boys, so more encouragement is needed. I’ve known male sports coaches trying to use the same techniques as they would for men (teasing, provoking, …

Prices & Booking

Party camp 2


Charges are £115 for up to 15 children and £130 for a maximum of 20 with you providing the venue. All children above the maximum number will be charged at a rate of £4.95 per head. Petrol/travelling time included within 10 miles round trip of Kirtlington (OX5 3JZ). For further distances please add: 11-15 miles £5; 16miles+ £10.

Prices are for 75 minutes of full on fun and games and include the cost of all equipment required for the party.


If you are interested in booking a party with Prime Energy please contact the office on 01869 352000 or email to see if the date you would like is available. You will then be sent a booking form which will require completing and returning with a non-refundable deposit to confirm the booking. It’s really that simple.